Home owners

At HOBANZ we strive to provide sound independent information and guidance to educate and protect all those owning, buying and living in New Zealand homes. Please see below for guidance on the most common topics we see New Zealanders needing support in. For more specific questions or services please contact our team to see how we can help.  

Buying a home

Advice on identifying the types of ownerships and homes, real estate agents, property inspections, legal issues and insurance.

Selling a home

Assistance regarding real estate agents, understanding what you are selling, selling a unit and legal issues.

Building or renovating

Support with planning your project, creating and managing your team and how to deal with disputes.

Caring for your home

Important information around home maintenance and developments in your area.

Defective buildings

Support concerning how to identify defects, recovery of losses and what steps you can take.

Owning in a body corporate

Understand your rights and responsibilities as a member of a body corporate.

Need help?

We provide independent information and support on all matters related to homes and housing. If you are experiencing a challenge — whether with a defective building, trouble with a contractor/service provider, or issues within your body corporate, our team can help you.  

Contact us Phone: 0800 462 269