Housing Pressure Drives Shoddy Building Practices

The current housing environment described in the following article stresses yet again the need to obtain a proper building inspection on the home you are considering purchasing – even if it is new!  It is very important that you do your due diligence  and have the home inspected as well as inform yourself about building inspection issues before buying.

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NZ Herald - Home Truths Video Series

HOBANZ President John Gray is currently a panel member of the NZ Herald Home Truths video series. The series is following three house hunters trying to buy their first home in Auckland. They are getting advice along the way from John as well as Shamubeel Eaqub (economist) and Andrea Rush (from QV). 

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How to Navigate the Minefield of Buying Apartments and Townhouses

If you are considering buying an apartment or townhouse in a unit title development we strongly recommend that you read the linked article from Stuff which highlights many of the things to watch out for. 


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Apartment Contracts

Matthew Buchanan

There is a very interesting and informative article published on the Consumer website which deals with apartment contracts when buying off the plan. 

The article highlights various areas of concern including

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