Going for the best

Poor building quality is a problem that HOBANZ believes can be overcome, but how?

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Nationwide building boom creating next leaky building crisis

The goal of building more homes may come at a cost.

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Watch "The New Zealand Home" TV show

Watch The New Zealand Home with an appearance by our very own John Gray beginning on Friday the 9th of July at 7.30pm. 

We love our homes, but what do we know about their heritage? Join Our First Home host Goran Paladin and architect Ken Crosson on a road trip to find out more!

The New Zealand Home on TVNZ, TV One

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St. Lukes Apartments to be the largest building defects claim in New Zealand

Russell Street

There has recently been media coverage relating to what will be the largest building defects claim ever made in New Zealand.

This relates to the St. Lukes Garden Apartments complex which consists of 285 units spread across is separate buildings. The complex was built before 2003 and 2011 with the external façade being constructed primarily of prefabricated concrete panels which are now cracking.  

HOBANZ is acting as the owners’ representative and is coordinating all aspects of the remedial project and the associated litigation.

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