HOBANZ Litigation Support Fund - Givealittle

HOBANZ is aiming to help relieve stress off people who find themselves financially strained due to their leaky home cases going to court. We are using the donation Givealittle platform to help facilitate this.

One such instance is Nicola. Her house is leaky and her case is currently in the High Court. Have a look at our new Givealittle page we have crated on behalf of Nicola to help her raise money to support her legal case that will also benefit all those who follow…as sadly there are many more to come.

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Use licensed people on the job

As spring arrives and house prices increase, many people embark on new builds and housing renovations. Before you begin your work, keep in mind the restricted building work that applies to your project.

We all want warm, dry and safe homes that are built to last. Building rules help you build it right – protecting you and your home now and when you come to sell it. As the homeowner, some of these rules affect the choices you make.

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ONE News Investigation: More undercover footage shows tradies asking for cash jobs

If you are embarking on any type of home renovation, avoid those offering to do the work for cash.  The results of both the work and the cost are unlikely to be in your favour.

In the busy building environment many tradesmen are undertaking restricted building work without the necessary licence or building consent – this is illegal. Where this is being done as a cash job the home owner has no comeback if things go wrong as they invariably do.

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Anthony Healy: Auckland unitary plan - now what?

The following opinion piece from the BNZ CE Anthony Healy offers a positive perspective of the Auckland Unitary Plan. 

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