Elderly residents given days to evacuate retirement home - Eastcliffe Retirement Village

John Gray, the President of HOBANZ, says "this is yet another example of where a building project has gone badly wrong. Some of the defects they are facing at Eastcliffe are not just mistakes or errors. They are deliberate wilful acts."

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5 Benefits of Paying for Building Inspections

This is a good, short read about why you should invest in a building survey before you make what is for most, the largest purchase of your lifetime.

See the HOBANZ website for more information about what you need to know to protect yourself when purchasing a home.

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Fire Risk

See the New Zealand Herald article, the TVNZ interview and the Newstalk ZB radio interview in which John Gray, HOBANZ President, comments on the fire risk of buildi

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Why Contracts are Valuable

If you’re thinking about building or renovating, remember you must have a written contract for residential building work costing $30,000 or more (incl GST). This should be agreed and signed before work starts.

See Why Contract are Valuable on the MBIE website for more information.


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