The Leaky Home Epidemic

The term “leaky building” has now been in the kiwi vocabulary for over 10 years and yet the country is still struggling to come to grips with the reality that many of our homes built in the last 15 years are seriously defective and in need of repairs which often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Unfortunately there are no short cuts to restoring the value of these homes!

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Colleen Dicks Project

This story starts with Colleen Dicks winning a settlement against Waitakere City Council and the original builder of her leaky home.

After paying consultants and legal fees, Colleen did not have sufficient funds left to rebuild her home.  HOBANZ stepped in and facilitated the rebuild project. 

This project took considerable effort to bring together sponsors and donors at a time when the building industry was suffering one of its most severe downturns in building activity.

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