New Auckland CVs - Be Wary of Council Values

Auckland Council's website especially developed to deliver the new valuations of homes for Aucklanders crashed on the morning of release on 10th November.

The three-yearly update of individual capital valuations are used by the council to set rates bills, and will be mailed to households from this week. The figures were set in July and rates calculations based on those figures will apply from July next year.

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HOBANZ Response: "Prime Minister's first home advice: Buy an apartment"


Following the release of the latest CV figures for Auckland, Prime Minister John Key states that young people may need to consider apartments as their first home purchase in the future. Listen to HOBANZ President John Gray's response to the Prime Minister's advice on Radio NZ - The Panel.

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Building Amendment Act 2013

The Building Amendment Act 2013 was passed by Parliament on 28 November 2013. It is the result of a comprehensive review into the Building Act 2004.

This Amendment Act is part of a package of changes which introduce new measures to improve the building and construction sector, ensuring it that delivers good quality, affordable homes and buildings and contributes to a prosperous economy.

Amendments which take immediate effect include:

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A Rotten Shame

A Rotten Shame is an investigative documentary which explores how the New Zealand leaky homes disaster came about and what can be done to fix it.

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