Major Apartment Fire Hazards Revealed

As repair work advances in the leaky building saga, breaches of fire safety rules are showing up as a hidden issue.

Widespread breaches of fire safety regulations are being discovered as multi-storey leaky apartments are pulled apart during weathertightness repairs being undertaken. Another issue is the shortcomings of the annual fire safety warrant of fitness checks by councils. This issue is adding months and millions of dollars to fixes for unwitting owners and there are concerns about how widespread the hidden problem may be.

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Inadequate Long Term Maintenance Plans

If you or any of your family or friends are looking at buying an apartment or a unit in a body corporate please read this article and look at the information on our website - there is a massive risk of assuming the units share of a significant contingent financial liability which can be

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Class Action Helpful or Harmful for Leaky Home Owners?

HOBANZ says that the class actions against cladding manufacturers may look like a panacea for leaky homeowners but the complexities and risks must be grasped to avoid further disappointment.

Leaky home owners eying the $100 million class action lawsuit which has the backing of a litigation funder, and the most recent class action claim spearheaded by a Wellington law firm, will have to ask some smart questions to establish if it could be the solution they are in need of to remedy their defective homes. Amongst others the questions that should be asked are;

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Winter Warm Up coming for Tenants - well some at least

A great step forward by the Government to mandate that insulation must be installed in the ceilings and underfloor areas of rental properties, but when you do the math it’s a bit like the Finance Minister’s “surprise budget surplus” – it simply doesn’t make sense.

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