Cold Comfort

The New Zealand Listener has highlighted the issue of cold damp rental homes, a topic we at HOBANZ are very concerned about. We feel that every New Zealander has the right to live in a durable, safe and healthy home. This will not only benefit the occupant, but New Zealand as a whole.


To read about this complex issue, all of the players involved and possible solutions click here.


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Pockets Full of Hope for Neighbourhoods

Pocket neighborhoods ideally consist of 8 to 16 homes, Beacon Pathway programme manager Denise Bijoux says. A common characteristic of the concept is a shared common area, often a garden or outdoor living area.  "You can get to know your neighbours," she says.

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Paula Bennett's Free Pass for Cowboy Builders

The Home Owners and Buyers Association has discovered that many apartment buildings built between 1995 and 2005 and now being pulled apart for weathertightness repairs, also have shonky fire protection.

For example, fire-rated steel beams have not been coated with retardants, and holes cut through fire walls for pipes and wires have not been sealed with fire-protecting collars.

Owners of these and untold other failed buildings now face an altogether more serious, life and death issue.

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Builders Reluctant to Self-Certify Work

HOBANZ president John Gray has been working with a couple whose home has been remediated after finding the home was leaky  as well as structurally unsound but obtained a Code of Complaince Certificate from the Christchurch City Council.

“They started finding more serious issues in relation to the structure. It was built so badly that it was structurally compromised.”

Regarding self certifying, John Gray called the proposal “absolutely ridiculous”.

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