Undertaking building work on your home? Protect yourself!

Undertaking building work on your home?  Protect yourself!

The article below highlights an issue that is important to consider when undertaking building work on your home.  

The article deals with the serious consequences of undertaking building work without obtaining a building consent where one is required.  Owners undertaking building work must be aware of their legal obligations.

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Property Managers a Risk

Body corporate managers are unregulated, unlicensed and are not required to have any formal training or qualifications or to complete ongoing professional education. Based on the experience of many HOBANZ members who own units in Body Corporate complexes it is evident that many body corporate managers are exerting undue influence and control over the affairs of many bodies corporate leading to serious governance issues.

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$200,000 Bill for Rotting Villa

A young couple is facing a $200k bill for a rotting villa who depended on a building report provided by the real estate agent to make the purchase. Another young couple with a six month old baby are living in a recently purchased methamphetamine contaminated home without having received any disclosure about the contamination from either the owner or the real estate agent. This is nothing new says John Gray, president of HOBANZ. "We are handling about ten new claims a month."

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Apartment Blues: Time to Control the Body Corporate Managers

John Gray, president of HOBANZ wants to see a law change. He says the current situation is dangerous because body corporate chairpeople and their committees have failed to realise that the statutory role of secretary has been removed from the Unit Titles Act. So they have continued to engage their former secretaries who have morphed into body corporate managers. "Elected officers of the body corporate often don't seem to realise that they still have all of the responsibility and body corporate managers require close supervision and proper decision making procedures."

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