The Importance of Doing Due Diligence When Purchasing a Property

It is vital to do thorough due diligence when purchasing any property whether it be a home for your family or a building to house the Auckland Council.

The following article illustrates the need to ensure that the property you are planning to buying is sound before you sign on the dotted line.  Otherwise you could find you’ve made a very costly mistake!

Read a New Zealand Herald article that addresses this issue

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More intensified housing zones will inflate Auckland property prices

Building intensified

There are some changes occurring that need to be considered as a result of Auckland Council's proposed zoning changes of intensification under the incoming Unitary Plan.

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Property Report: Worries Over Self Certification

The following article raises concerns regarding self certification of builders. 

In summary, we believe that builders who can be trusted to self certify are few and far between and that the lack of third party oversight will create a magnet for cowboy builders to the detriment of inexperienced new home buyers. The proposal  of self certification that came from the Rules Reduction Task Force did not take into account that the system of building compliance is there to protect consumers from a building industry that has all to often proven to be unreliable.

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The Big LIM Headache: Is This the Cure for Home-Buyers?

If you are considering selling your home or are in the market to buy a property, we suggest you read the following informative article.

Read the full New Zealand Herald story here.

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