Below is an interesting article highlighting the amount of money contributed by Wellington City Council toward the resolution of building defect claims. The important message that comes out of this article is not the amount spent but rather the fact that many properties have failed a second and third time.

We suspect there are two main reasons for this. The first is that owners start by undertaking targeted repairs in an attempt to spend as little as possible to sort out the problems with their properties. For high risk properties this almost always fails. The second is that owners allow themselves to be influenced by defendants involved in litigation who argue that the issues with the property are overstated and the repair proposition is excessive. These are usually augments put forward out of self interest to get financial exposure down and should not be mistaken for reality.

The repair of only “obvious” defects is likely to result in secondary failure and wasted money. If your home has problems we urge you to take sound advice from a capable qualified building surveyor and to make decisions based on value and not just cost. Going with the lowest cost solution is unlikely to restore full value as other issues may well be picked up during building inspections when you come to sell the home.

See the Dominion Post article