As repair work advances in the leaky building saga, breaches of fire safety rules are showing up as a hidden issue.

Widespread breaches of fire safety regulations are being discovered as multi-storey leaky apartments are pulled apart during weathertightness repairs being undertaken. Another issue is the shortcomings of the annual fire safety warrant of fitness checks by councils. This issue is adding months and millions of dollars to fixes for unwitting owners and there are concerns about how widespread the hidden problem may be.

The fire safety problems were discovered after Uptown was pulled apart to fix weathertightness issues and now the same flaws were being found at St Lukes Gardens and the Pulse in Grey Lynn. Most were ticked off by private certifiers.

"It is a defective building problem”, says Roger Levie, CEO of HOBANZ. 

HOBANZ would like to see mandatory insurance backed by warranties. "That should be the starting point. It shouldn't be about builders making money for themselves," says Levie.


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