At HOBANZ we have a sound understanding of the legislation and case law associated with housing and construction. However, although we can provide guidance to owners, we are not in a position to offer legal advice. This is provided through a strategic partnership we have established with Anthony Harper. Through this relationship our members can obtain advice and guidance on matters including:
  • Residential buying and selling (conveyancing and disputes)
  • Body Corporate (governance and management)
  • Building and remediation (builders, Council and contracts)
  • Leaky and defective homes
  • Dispute resolution

It is best for you to contact HOBANZ in the first instance so we can assess your situation to make sure you receive the appropriate advice and guidance.

Why Anthony Harper?

Anthony Harper are an award winning, internationally ranked, national law firm. We recognised in them many of the same values that guide our behaviour at HOBANZ: innovation, passion and integrity. Their dedicated construction law and litigation team have the expertise and experience to assist homeowners with complex claims. These qualities are important to HOBANZ and have helped lead us to this current relationship. We have found Anthony Harper's fees to be very reasonable and they are pleased to offer HOBANZ members reduced rates in special circumstances.

Please feel free to contact us to assist you with the necessary introductions.