Government must be a key participant in the repair of leaky and defective units

Roger Levie, HOBANZ CE, is calling on the government to face up to the very expensive problem many leaky and defective unit owners are now facing. HOBANZ believes that if we are to resolve this problem the government will need to put in place further assistance in some form to help owners pay for the proper repair of their properties.

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Apartment building defects worsening housing woes

The incoming elected government will need to face the growing crisis of substandard buildings. HOBANZ will continue to focus on lobbying to make change and continue to help those who find themselves devastated by defective homes.

“We've got a lot of people where their wealth has been undermined hugely by this - that's a major concern, which I feel the government has some responsibility [for] or should've done something about," the group's head, Roger Levie, said.

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Elderly residents given days to evacuate retirement home - Eastcliffe Retirement Village

John Gray, the President of HOBANZ, says "this is yet another example of where a building project has gone badly wrong. Some of the defects they are facing at Eastcliffe are not just mistakes or errors. They are deliberate wilful acts."

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5 Benefits of Paying for Building Inspections

This is a good, short read about why you should invest in a building survey before you make what is for most, the largest purchase of your lifetime.

See the HOBANZ website for more information about what you need to know to protect yourself when purchasing a home.

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