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With your support as a member we will continue to drive positive change in the housing environment through improving consumer knowledge and protection, raising standards throughout the building industry and develop relationships and services that will benefit all New Zealanders.  

Our commitment to you as a HOBANZ member is to:

ASSIST you to the best of our ability.

CONNECT you with the right people and services.

EQUIP you with the knowledge and tools to build safe and healthy homes. 

REPRESENT you and always act in your best interest.

Independence from industry, government or private gain gives us the unique freedom to always act in the best interest of those we represent and work for the common good of all citizens. However, in order to scale our impact we rely on the support and collaboration from those who recognise the unique opportunity that HOBANZ presents. Sign up as a member today to get behind our vision. 

As we look to the future, we envisage an environment where HOBANZ is the trusted source of information and support services related to homes and housing, and where we actively work together to ensure our homes are healthy, durable and sustainable, and are designed to foster positive and vibrant communities.

If you have questions about how the membership subscription works, read our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us